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"ENLARGE the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, LENGTHEN thy cords, and STRENGTHEN THY STAKES; For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left" Isaiah 54.2-3

We are in a pivotal season of taking back territories that the devil has stolen from the righteous. For some of us, this would mean territory of family land, regional lands, family homes, finances, business, family members, mental health, physical health, soul healing, prosperity or even lifetime alliances. No matter which area we are called to pioneer, we must remember that we are engaged in a spiritual battle, invading enemy territory as God's strategic, well organized army. Now as you begin to advance, marking boundaries and strengthening stakes, there are several areas of external & internal demonic warfares you must face.

Many times external warfare includes possessed neighbors cursing you out, co-workers creating contention, business partners back stabbing you, spouse acting up, creditors closing in, witches sending spells, hex and chants, unusual hindrances and delays, spiritual fatigue, family attacking your character over property and much more. Internal warfare includes mental battles whether to advance and press in, internal struggles of whether you are really called, spiritual warfare from witches through dreams, personal struggles to contend in a place of isolation. I remind you today, it is actually in the place of isolation where you get the deepest revelation.

Almost every battle in the bible was over territory, demonic forces fighting the angelic host of heaven, good vs evil, satan vs God. Why? Because satan gained control over the earth since the beginning of creation when he was kicked out of Heaven and Adam sinned. As such he has set certain ruling principalities and strong holds over cities and regions, and will do anything to protect it.

Territorial battles is a mark of God's approval of His chosen warriors. God sends out His most qualified champions to fight the most forceful giants. Ask Moses, ask Joshua, ask David, ask Gideon. Every pioneer knows in order to establish the Kingdom in the Earth, we must prepare our spirit to CONTEND FOR THE FAITH USING THE WORD & OUR SPIRITUAL WEAPONS. You must CONTEND FOR THE PROMISE, CONTEND FOR THE DREAM, CONTEND FOR YOUR TERRITORY & CONTEND UNTIL YOU GET THE VICTORY.

When a pioneer begins to tap rich wells in a region and light begins to break forth, when old wells begin to get re-dug that have been closed up for years, when kingdom wealth begins to transfer, territorial demons begin to act out from out of nowhere. These are ruling princes over regions that hold people in bondage with heavy chains on their necks, heavy yokes on their territory, family & finances.The enemy does not want these regions to be delivered, thus he increases warfare against the warrior.

The enemy's main purpose is to sabotage the assignment of the warrior, distract the warrior from contending in prayer with petty matters & weaken the warriors mental strength and spirit. Thats why the Lord can only use his best warriors to fight certain demons, because many dont have the spiritual strength it takes to contend in battle. This is also why the Lord told Gideon to send back the mighty men from his army and only keep 300 men.

There are several demonic powers that must be dispossesed when going in to occupy territory according to Deut 7. The good thing about this scripture, it tells us that the Lord himself will drive them out, and clear the way for us to take our land. The acting out of the demonic spirits of the hittites, girgashites, armorites, jebusites, caananites, perizzites & hivittes is the indicator that you have dismantled their stronghold, and have gained entry into the land. It is a clear indicator when petty attacks come, that you have taken possession of the promise and your boundary is marked.

Once your boundary is marked and staked, walls of fire now begin to surround your promise. This can be seen by God, by the Angels and by the demons, and this is what causes them to retaliate. Snakes cannot stand the fire. The fire of God that the pioneer brings to the region begins to burn out every satanic stronghold, idol, groves and demonic wombs. Nothing escapes when the fire of God begins to burn in a region. Once you see this first manifestation of demonic activity, rejoice & again I say rejoice, because your promise have been affirmed in the heavens and in the earth. Your next move will be a God move, and you will secure an OUTSTANDING VICTORY that will beat the enemy as dust in the wind.

As the promise begins to unfold, more and more light will begin to break forth, filling the region with the sounds of deliverance, healing, miracles, signs, wonders, restoration & prosperity. Contending for families, cities, regions and nations is what we pioneers live and breathe for. It is like the life force in our veins as water is to a fish. Pioneers live, eat, sleep, dream, pray, fast and sow for regions to break forth and break out. The uncommon pioneer, entrepeneur, visonary lives from another dimension, and his main assignment is to bring what they see in Heaven down into the Earth.

I speak unshakeable faith over you to press in and mark your boundaries. Stake your land, set up your business, ministry, enterprise and begin to expect increase & profitability. Open your mouth and let the lion roar. As you begin to roar, it shall be an announcement that you are here, your stake is in the land and you shall not be removed. Expect a GLORIFIED PUBLIC MANIFESTATION OF BREAKTHROUGH & SUCCESS regarding those things that have been prophesied. You're coming into an exponential success that cannot be denied!

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