The BLESSING is pre-wired with your VICTORY, SUCCESS & JUBILEE PROMISES. All that God promised is Yeah and Amen.

The devil cannot stop it, evil wishes cannot stop it, no evil eye can spoil it, no evil words can curse it. When you're blessed, you're blessed. Make up your mind to press into God's blessing and embrace all His goodness that he has for you in this season. Your enemies are being seated to watch you enjoy your heart's desires and your good success. God is preparing a table for you in the presence of your enemies that will make them regret they ever hurt and attack you. The BLESSING has the power to vindicate you for every wrong ever done to you. The BLESSING brings increase, expansion and fulfillment. The BLESSING makes all things pleasurable. The BLESSING sets you up for sweet success. It is a success that looks, feels and tastes Good. That's the blessing that is coming to you.

This next BLESSING coming will rock your world and RESET your entire life. It is soo BIG, that even you will wonder what you did to deserve it. I just sense that you are soo close to the biggest breakthrough of your life, and I need you to stay focus and not be easily agitated by what you see. Don't believe the enemy's report, believe the LORD'S REPORT. Don't allow petty distractions to upset you, it's all part of the process especially when close to giving birth. You are standing at the DOOR to a GREAT DESTINY MOMENT, and nothing and no-one can stop it.

And so I speak the BLESSING over your life, your children, your family, your spouses, your business, your ministry. You are blessed in the City and blessed in the field. Blessed in your goings and blessed in your comings. Your cupboards & storehouses are blessed. I decree and declare that you are ready and prepared to receive your next level of PROMOTION. I decree walls of fire all around you, I decree shalom to your mind, your emotions, your will right now. I decree shalom to every situation that is facing you and I decree the Blessing of the Lord that makes RICH & ADDS NO SORROW be upon you in Jesus name, amen! Shalom!



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