Every church of the last day assigned to bring Revival must have a Company Of Intercessors who have;

1. Clean hands & pure hearts

2. Diligence in prayer

3. Must become altars of Incense

4. Must be Speakers of truth

5. Must have Humility & Love


The enemy is destroying us from the inside out 

When we fight against each other. Even Satan has

A well organized kingdom with each person knowing

Their rank and position, so must we. We have to

Understand that dark demonic forces are released

In full force to fight against the praying church! Any

Church that has fiery prayer warriors and a preacher

That pushes for family holiness, repentance and

Revival in this last day, will be marked by the devil.


Any church that proclaims the true Gospel of Jesus

And is not moved by numbers and outer works of 

Men will be marked by the devil. This is where the

Intercessors of the end times comes in. These are

The interceptors of the church, the pastor, his/her family

& The families of the church. These intercessors are

A company of soldiers who spend quality time in

Corporate prayer, fasting and personal prayer.


This is a special company of burning ones who have

Been given a burden to pray for revival. Not every church

Has a burden for revival, thus this kind produce carnal

Intercessors. These only pray for material things and

Are caught up with vain glory and making a name for

Oneself. But there is a company of firebrand intercessors

Who carry the burden of the Lord for cities and nations!


This Company of burning intercessors go into days,

Weeks and even months of dismantling the forces of

Darkness coming against churches and regions!

They do battle in the realms of the spirit to

Abort the plans of Satan against the pastor, his wife

And his children. I can always tell a pastor who has

Ignorantly opened doors in his own life; he is the one

That rejects the ministry of intercession, avoids coming

To sit in the company of his intercessors and believes 

That he is empowered by only his own prayer and his gifts.

How foolish!


The last day intercessors will be so in love with Jesus 

That their prayer will not be hindered. They have a special

Communication with Heaven, because they know that God

Is depending on them to birth out new prayer wombs in

The realms of the spirit. These push in prayer, destroying

Demonic wombs in families, in the church and the city!

Their prayer destroy the camps of witches and Warlocks 

That hinder revival in their region. These wage war in the heavenlies with atomic bombs, lightning and thunder

overturning the seat of principalities and powers! 

Their prayer is like Holy Fire, Liquid Fire & Fires of judgment

That breaks through the dark blanket of demonic perversions

& Oppression of cities and regions, scattering every counsel of evil and sending their weapons back to sender.


May you become a Intercessor of fire, lightning and thunder. May your name become known in the Courts of Heaven. May you be the one that Heaven can depend on to bring end time revival to your city and Nation! I bless you and cover you with the powerful blood of Jesus Christ, amen! 


"See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant" Jeremiah 1:10 


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