"Open to me the GATES of Righteousness: I will go into them, and I will praise the Lord : This GATE of the LORD, into which the RIGHTEOUS shall enter" Psa.118.19-20

This month of July marks the opening of divine GATES of COMPENSATION, ADVANCEMENT & PROMOTION for Families, Cities, Regions & Nations. This promotion definitely involves you, your family, your business and your ministry. You are going to be launched directly into an uncommon success for business and for ministry, you will form new legacy partnerships, you will prosper with a new wealth that will bring family restoration and big advancement in your kingdom work.


Now with every new season comes a new walk, new wisdom, new weapons & new warnings. God is expecting you to exercise a greater discernment and caution when moving forward, meaning you must stop turning a blind eye to SIN & EVIL, and open your heart to receive and know TRUTH. The divine gates that have been locked up in the past 6 months have now become unlocked for the ekklesia, the called out ones on kingdom assignment.


There are special Angels who are now released to unlock Gates of Righteousness, Gates of Sanctification, Gates of Revival, Gates of Prayer, Praise & Prosperity, Gates of Business, Gates of Education, Gates of Family Promotion, Gates of Kingdom Marriage, Gates of TV/ Radio Salvation, Gates of Divine Provision and much more. Now July is the 7th Month of the year, and 7 represents wholeness and completion. Completion of cycles of testings, trials, and tribulation. Many of you have persevered through your testings and overcame by the power of the Holy Spirit, thus you are receiving new breastplates, new rods, new swords, new shields, new belts, new shoes, new badges, new signet rings, new names and new crowns that you may advance into your next level of victory.


Just as the sons and daughters of Adonai have overcome their trials and are going through these prepared Gates of the Lord, the children of satan have also overcome and getting ready for satanic promotions. The devil has carefully master minded demonic plans for the final 6 months of this year. This month is very important to witches and warlocks, as many of their chants and spells are coming into completion to entrap lukewarm christians, you will see a great falling away by many well established christian leaders in your region, no matter what nation you are from. Always remember satan is your enemy, and his job is to steal, kill and destroy; he takes legal ownership whenever doors are opened to him. He cannot stop the sons & daughters of God from advancment and promotion, but he can OPEN DEMONIC GATES OF OPPORTUNITIES WHICH LEAD TO GATES OF HELL.



"And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this ROCK I will build my CHURCH; and the gates of hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL against it" Matt 16.18

Gates are entrances which allows persons to move in and out of a specific place. Gates can thus be used to secure or open up a place, a building, a house, a region, a platform, a city, an estate, a relationship, a partnership, a church. Here's what the dictionary says, 'a hinged barrier used to close an opening in a wall, fence, or hedge'. Thus, when we have strong intercessors in a church, their job is to close up breaches, they stand in the gap to dismantle demonic forces trying to come in through demonic gates. Thus a Gate of Hell is the entrance to a demonic portal from the realm of darkness to the earth realm. Demons are legally allowed to move freely through these portals, carrying chains to bind the souls of men and women. This also means, that gates of hell can be opened anywhere, once there is a human person facilitating demonic works and submitting to satan's enticement, the gate will be opened.


This is why the ministers of satan are so dangerous to the body of Christ. They open demonic gates in every platform wherever they go. People must be very very careful who they facilitate in this season. When we have worshippers who worship in spirit and in truth, they open up gates of righteousness and reverence to God. But if they worship with bitterness, evil intentions and perversion in their hearts, they open up gates of unrighteousness and bring division in the church. When a pastor preaches the whole truth of the Gospel of Christ, bringing conviction to sin, he opens up gates of repentance & revival in the region. But when a pastor preaches a soulish, feel good, fleshly doctrine and twist the scriptures, he opens up the gates for Jezebel to enter in with lust and perversion. Thus everything we do as the church must be done in the right spirit, with the right motive and with the right attitude, because we are all called to watchman a gate. You are either facilitating the Gate of Righteousness or facilitating the Gate of Hell.


Satan has carefully set up top level satanic witches in many churches, business places, tv/radio stations, government offices, car dealerships, import & export industry, music & entertainment, wholesale & retail, food industry and everywhere else to guard demonic gates. These gates allow a free movement for the demons of darkness to move back and forth, because these gates of hell can be opened anywhere. These are they who are assigned to entrap lukewarm soulish christians, by presenting demonic opportunities under-girded by lies, deception & compromise.

Now here is the warning; PROVERBS 4: 10-13 "Hear, my son, and receive my sayings, And the years of your life will be many" "I have taught you in the way of wisdom; I have led you in right paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hindered, And when you run, you will not stumble. Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go; Keep her, for she is your life"



Any lucrative business opportunity presented to you where you have to compromise your belief in the Gospel and become MUTE to sin is a demonic gate to demons of greed & destruction that destroy the soul and family.


Any partnership where you are submitting to sexual activities or gestures, whether it be by phone, in person, by email, by facebook messenger or any other social media, to a single, married or same sex person for mutual gains, promotion, monetary benefits, travel benefits, housing benefits, vehicle benefits or land benefits is a demonic gate to demons of perversion & homosexuality over oneself, family & nation.


Any business or ministry opportunity where you have to submit to a controlling, domineering, manipulative leader/ business partner, continuously cover up sin, is opening the gates to demons of Jezebel over oneself, one's family and nation. Any loan or credit opportunity presented to you where you know you have no means of repaying that loan and it will make your life very hard is a demonic gate to demons of busy-body, poverty and bondage.


Any meeting opportunity or media presentation that you believe you have to dress modernized with bust, thighs, legs, butt, hips, lower parts revealed is opening a demonic gate of lust & sexual perversion over oneself, family & nation. Any potential alliance that speaks half truths, twist scriptures by saying, 'Did God really say that'...(words used by the serpent to deceive Eve).", or uses words to tickle the ears of men, and flatter personalities with false doctrine is a satanic employee who opens demonic gates for Leviathan & should not enter into partnership.


Any business opportunity where you have to undermine someone, defraud or take from another by manipulative means, to empower oneself or to give to another in the name of charity is opening demonic gates for demons of robbery, corruption & destruction over oneself, government & nation.

"The rod and rebuke give wisdom, But a child left to himself brings shame to his mother" Prov 29:15 Any opportunity for oversees travel for your children that involves staying at the homes of persons with whom you have no background knowledge about, can also be an open demonic gate. The devil's job is to remove the young person out of your covering and to present them with an irresistible trap. Be careful for nothing in this season. Be prayerful and ask 100 questions if in doubt.



Adonai is depending on His endtime soldiers to build upon the ROCK OF YESHUA HAMASHIACH. Build upon the truth, do all things in truth and stand for truth. Deep darkness has covered the earth, and gross veils of darkness the people, but God's light is shinning upon the righteous. God is bringing you into one of the most tremendous seasons of your life. Your season of Divine COMPENSATION, SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT & FAMILY PROMOTION has come.


You are being promoted into a mountain of INFLUENCE to reach a generation that is very lost in the world. Open your mouth and proclaim truth when you are set into this position; somebody's soul depends on your truth; be blessed as your DESTINY GATES HAVE BEEN OPENED! Shalom!


(Read Aloud & Meditate on Psalms 24) "Lift up your heads, O ye GATES; and be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of GLORY SHALL COME IN. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in BATTLE. Lift up your heads, O ye GATES; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the KING OF GLORY shall come in" Psalms 24.7-9

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