The BLESSING is pre-wired with your VICTORY, SUCCESS & JUBILEE PROMISES. All that God promised is Yeah and Amen.

The devil cannot stop it, evil wishes cannot stop it, no evil eye can spoil it, no evil words can curse it. When you're blessed, you're blessed. Make up your mind to press into God's blessing and embrace all His goodness that he has for you in this season. Your enemies are being seated to watch you enjoy your heart's desires and your good success. God is preparing a table for you in the presence of your enemies that will make them regret they ever hurt and attack you. The BLESSING has the power to vindicate you for every wrong ever done to you. The BLESSING brings increase, expansion and fulfillment. The BLESSING makes all things pleasurable. The BLESSING sets you up for sweet success. It is a success that looks, feels and tastes Good. That's the blessing that is coming to you.

This next BLESSING coming will rock your world and RESET your entire life. It is soo BIG, that even you will wonder what you did to deserve it. I just sense that you are soo close to the biggest breakthrough of your life, and I need you to stay focus and not be easily agitated by what you see. Don't believe the enemy's report, believe the LORD'S REPORT. Don't allow petty distractions to upset you, it's all part of the process especially when close to giving birth. You are standing at the DOOR to a GREAT DESTINY MOMENT, and nothing and no-one can stop it.

And so I speak the BLESSING over your life, your children, your family, your spouses, your business, your ministry. You are blessed in the City and blessed in the field. Blessed in your goings and blessed in your comings. Your cupboards & storehouses are blessed. I decree and declare that you are ready and prepared to receive your next level of PROMOTION. I decree walls of fire all around you, I decree shalom to your mind, your emotions, your will right now. I decree shalom to every situation that is facing you and I decree the Blessing of the Lord that makes RICH & ADDS NO SORROW be upon you in Jesus name, amen! Shalom!



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Apostle Anna Edwards leads as the Senior Pastor of a thriving Apostolic & Prophetic Ministry, known as World Harvest Prayer Tower, registered in Trinidad & Tobago. She is the President of the International School of Intercession, Leader of the Network of Intercessors and Seers & Overseer of a growing Community of 100 Houses of Prayer; whose mission is Caribbean Revival. 
Apostle Anna Edwards is the International Emissary of the World Prayer Towers USA; a global organization of Churches & Synagogues led by Messianic Rabbi Daniel Jeshurun Vargas.


Apostle Anna is focused on 5 key areas:


Apostle Anna is the Pioneer of the first of its kind Caribbean Prayer Tower Movement, where she founded and oversees the World Harvest Prayer Tower in Trinidad & Tobago. Apostle Anna was called into Global Ministry in the Year of 2008, when the LORD spoke to her and said "I am preparing you to raise up an Army of Intercessors who will Command Global Revival". She broke open the Region with a prayer movement of burning ones who love the Lord & dug deep into the Wells of Prayer & Prophetic Intercession.


Apostle Anna believes that Prayer & Intercession Revivals will be one of the last great signs before the return of Jesus Christ. She has set out to establish 100 HOUSES OF PRAYER throughout Trinidad & Tobago, igniting the fires of revival in homes and re-building family prayer altars. These Houses of Prayer find Apostolic covering, training and guidance from Apostle Anna Edwards and her team of Pastors & Ministers as they awaken cities and villages with the spirit of prayer and intercession.

Dismantling the Enemy


Apostle Anna Edwards is the Director of The International School Of Intercession and very passionate about Prayer & training pioneers to fight in the spirit, equipping them to become the warrior bride of God. This School was commissioned by the Lord to prepare a Global Army of Intercessors through quality training from anointed men and women of God. The School teaches Intercessors to pray effectively with true power to dismantle the forces of darkness over Nations. These Schools of Intercession are held throughout the Nations at our various locations and have been held in Costa Rica, Panama and Hawaii USA just to name a few. Click Here for more information on the School and to register

 Healing & Deliverance


Apostle Anna walks under a mantle of deliverance, wherever she shows up, demons are disrupted, witches & warlocks are dis-possessed, strongholds are bound up and regions are shifted, bringing great deliverance to the lives of many. In order for pioneers to truly be able to climb their mountain of influence, they must be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. The spirit of infirmities must be dismantled, soul ties must be broken, uprooted completely and their must be total soul healing. It is only then can the pioneer be fully equipped to take their mountain. Prosperity begins from the inside with a person having an abundant, prosperous, liberated, conquering spirit and then flows on the outside. If you need prayer, call our Prayerlines today. To book Apostle Anna for a Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Service, 

Healing Service

Possessing Your Mountain


Apostle Anna is the Chairman of the Entrepreneur 5000 Group, where she is committed to equipping and establishing 5000 entrepreneurs into their Mountains of Influence; Government, Church, Family, Media, Education, Arts & Entertainment and Business. Apostle Anna realigns, re-defines and re-brands Pioneers & Entrepreneurs into a well-tailored, strategic weapon that can penetrate any of the seven high mountains with a cutting edge precision.

She teaches the entrepreneur how to exchange ECONOMIES and CREATE NEW ECONOMIES IN THE MOUNTAIN OF THEIR INFLUENCE. She imparts wisdom on how COMMANDER SEEDS play a MAJOR ROLE in obtaining the FINANCIAL ROD OF GOD, which is one of the greatest secret weapons to network expansion,  increasing revenues, debt cancellation, wealth accumulation & asset management. As entrepreneurs & pioneers are mantled for their millions at these seminars, there is an uncommon and stunning glory that rests upon them that transforms them into FINANCIAL CHAMPIONS that cannot be denied. Register for a seminar today!  Click here.

 Global Vision For Women


Apostle Anna Edwards is the International Director of Global Vision for Women. Through her Women's Seminars, Apostle Anna empowers women of the world and helps them to uncover their hidden potential which is their God given treasure to create and nurture. She helps women to become focused, successful and full of the anointing in order to make a more significant impact on their family, community and world. Apostle Anna frequently imparts that..."A wise woman builds her house, her husband, her community and her Nation". Click here to book Apostle Anna to speak at your woman's seminar or conference.  

 Success By Design NGO


Apostle Anna Edwards is the Founder & President of Success By Design NGO. As a Community Development Strategist, Apostle Anna works closely with the Ministry of Social Development to help improve the quality of living for less fortunate families in the community. It is the intention of this NGO to build Success Homes that would provide shelter for children living in abusive homes, and single parents on a low income. The NGO’s Feed T&T Division also aims to feed 100 000 persons by the Year 2020. To make a donate Click Here.



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